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Interview with yellowpete


Peter "yellowpete" Wüppen

Tell us a little about yourself?
Hey, im Peter "yellowpete" Wüppen, 22-year-old student from Hamburg and currently I play AD-carry for CLG.eu.

Why did you choose to become an AD-carry?
I like the fast-paced play style, the huge impact you have on games and the thrill of being a glass cannon :D


How does your Team counterpick?
We usually wait as long as we can with our solos, picking jungle or bottom lane first. We feel that while those can still be somewhat countered, they offer more solid and versatile options that will not get hard-countered. We sometimes firstpick champions that can fill multiple positions as well, to not give anything away, such as Kennen or Alistar.

Does your team sacrifice CC's and other gameplay mechanics to counterpick lanes?
Sometimes we do that unintentionally, but I don't think it is a good thing to do. For example, I see problems with lineups that do not have hard-CC or wave clearance even when the lane matchups are in your favor.

Do you guys counterpick for early game, mid game or late game?
We never really talked about this, but the way I feel is that we usually counterpick toplane for early game, bottom lane for mid- to lategame, and midlane for early- to midgame. But that's a rough guideline, sometimes it's completely the other way around.

Your champions

Your top 3 favorite champions with little description why?
Kog'Maw, Urgot, Corki

All three have pretty strong poke which is a mechanic I enjoy a lot.
Additionally, I like Kog and Corki for their high natural damage output and the fact that they can damage tanks effectively and Urgot for his ability to absolutely demolish his lane and force all of their carries into QSS.

Top counter for each champion with little description why?

Kog'Maw:  Nocturne, Jarvan - All high range assassins that you have no chance of winning a close-up 1v1 against under normal circumstances. They force your flash or kill you unless you have a lot of support.

Urgot: Ahri, Twisted Fate, Shen - Generally champions with a lot of magical damage output that are either very mobile, bad to swap into your team or offer a lot of counter ganking potential.

Corki's biggest weakness is his autoattack range which is relatively low, so any CC-spell with a range higher than his autoattack range is a threat to him. Knock ups are pretty annoying because they turn you around randomly, causing gatling gun to miss (usually).  In lane, I think Caitlyn and Kog'Maw would be the best counter against him because they just outrange him so much, but their success will depend heavily on the supports picks and play.

Which supports do you think goes best with your three favorite champions?
Urgot - Soraka
The heal and armor from W scale with your own shield, resistances, and the damage reduction passive to a point where you are too tanky for anyone to take down, at least during the laning phase.

Kog'Maw - Nunu/Janna
Depending on what kind of defense you need (just move speed or actual CC/fight-reset mechanism) these 2 give you the most useful buffs for the champion.

Corki - Leona/Taric/Alistar/Sona or Soraka
Depending on whether you wanna focus on Corki's burst or poking potential (Sona does both).

Do you ever counter with rune pages or masteries? If so, in what way do you change your runes and masteries depending on a certain scenario?
The only choice in runes I usually have to make as AD-carry is whether I go for armor penetration or AD and decide what to do with glyphs. I don't really choose the offensive ones depending on the champs I play against but on the ones I play. Glyphs are magic resistance flat or magic resistance per level in 90% of the cases, choosing depending on enemy lineup.
The only "countering" I ever do in masteries is to choose between 9 utility to keep up in sustain or 9 defense to be able to deal with burst better.


Do you have any tips for players who wants to become more stable in their play, and become better at the game?
Knowing what you do wrong is the first necessary step to improving. The rest is just practice.

Do you have any shout out to facebook, sponsors, stream, team, fans, etc?
Shoutout to all fans and viewers, you guys make my day :D
Also shoutout to my team and our sponsors, own3d.tv & Razer
Tune in to my stream: http://clgaming.net/live/2102-clg-yellowpete
Like my facebook for updates on streaming, the team and myself: http://www.facebook.com/Yellowpete.LoL

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Posted by xStoryTeller on May 11, 2012
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