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ChampionSelect May Update

We just update the website with some awesome new features!

Here is a list of what we changed:

  • Added a blog to the website, on which we will post our updates and interviews with pro player about counterpicking.
  • Added Wikia to the guide list
  • Added general/mechanical counter information*
  • Added counter items & summoner spells*
  • Added stats to each champion
  • Added skills to each champion
  • You can now compare champions' stats 

*These items are in beta, if you spot any mistakes please use the feedback form so we can update it.

We're also running on a new (and faster) server which is monitored 24/7, we hope to prevent the minor downtime which we experienced the last few weeks.

As always, thank you guys for using our website!

Posted by Legoblokje on May 11, 2012
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