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Introducing: Curtis "Fourpaws" and Riot Points give away


Hello there!

I'm fourpaws, the creator of the YouTube channel How To Top Lane. This YouTube channel covers all the dynamics of top lane play in League of Legends. I'm an avid gamer and have been playing MoBa's since the old days of Warcraft III. I am here as I will be making counter videos for every champion in league of legends for Champion Select. All the videos that I post here will be found in this playlist on my channel.

So what will these Champion Select counter videos contain?

These videos will cover the strengths of the specific champion in a format of:

  • Their Lane phase + Mechanics

Questions such as 'How does that champion harass in lane?' 'How does that champion typically get played?' will be covered. Information like this is extremly usefull to understanding why a champion can be weak to an other through not only Skillset, but also playstyle. An example of this would be taking Sion against Le Blanc. A huge part to this counter is down to playstyle. Le Blanc's will want to be able to roam so that they can snowball, however Sion can easily push out his lane as soon as she leaves and apply preassure onto the tower. 

  • Their Team fight presence + Late game potential

Some champions have skill sets that are amazing for a team fight, in example Amumu's ultimate Curse of the sad Mummy. Who best can deal with his ultimate? - and why so? In this example Janna would be discussed for her Monsoon's ability to counter-initiate a team fight. Also some champions become stronger as the game progresses as they scale very well with items.

  • Their Top three counters

Each of these three champions would be examined individually for why they are strong against the chosen champion. I will delve into their skillsets, playstyle, itemization and anything else that makes this counter such a good pick. This part will be the biggest chunk of the video.

With each video a blog will be also posted. Within this I will condense the video whilst going into more detail in certain theory crafting areas. 


Riot Points giveaway

Two Riot Point cards will be given away. One will be given away in the YouTube video and one in the comments to this blog. If you want to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment. Feel free to leave as many comments as you want.
I will personally message your YouTube account if you enter on the video. Whilst you will receive an e-mail to the reply on the blog - so make sure you use a real e-mail. The winner will be selected through a random-number generator; say it rolls 68, comment 68 wins.


Good luck snagging up some free riot points!
- Fourpaws.



We have randomly selected the winners, congratulations!

  • From the blog we have Fantasy from EU-West
  • From YouTube we have Key00 from NA
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Posted by HTTL on July 12, 2012
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