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[Counter Video] Rumble, the Mechanized Menace

Rumble, the Mechanized Menace

Rumble is potentially the best bully in the game. With great Zoning potential, Poke damage coupled with some nice CC he can easily force a foe back to base. Furthermore as I write this Rumble is statistically the highest win chance champion in the game.

Rumble's strengths

Skillset works well for poke damage

Upon landing an electro harpoon on the enemy, rumble can activate his flame spitter whilst chasing them down to deal a lot of damage. The slow from electro harpoon can be refreshed as he gets two charges before the skill is put on cooldown and finally he has Scrap Shield to soak up some of the damage returned to him, not to mention the movement speed granted by it. All of these skills flow well together to allow Rumble to deal a good amount of damage in a short amount of time. His flame spitter is not blocked by untis thus he can harass his foe from behind his minion line. Overall if you let Rumble land two of these skillset combos in the lane phase you will find yourself chugging those health potions.

A bully that snowballs

In my opinion Rumble is the best bully in the game, but even if you don't agree you can not argue that his lane presence is amazing. Typical itemization on rumble will include a Will of The Ancients and a Rylais. Rumble scales well with these items more so than other champions as he can slow his enemies with his skills to help him keep them in his flamespitter. Not to mention he will gain free sustain from his no-cost spamable abilities.

The Equalizer is arguably the best ultimate in the game

To start it has an insane range. You can be far behind your team yet still have teamfight presence. The ultimate offers so much for not only team fights but the lane phase. It brings a huge aoe down that can be used for its strong burst, nasty DoT, zone control or soft CC. A good Equalizer can turn a teamfight around especially when paired with a hard CC champion such as Morgana as she holds the enemy still.

Team Fighting

In a team fight Rumble brings a lot to the drawing board.

  • DPS; you do a lot of damage;, manage your over-heat correctly and your flame spitter will bring the pain
  • Crowd Control; you have two soft CC's that are both slows. Later on when you have rylais you can almost bring a chosen target to a stand-still.
  • Zoning; your ultimate can block off a path, or even better, cover the path the enemies will intend to cross so they soak as much damage as possible.
  • Initiator; the equalizer can pin down the enemy team.

High health pool - low resistances

Core items on Rumble do not usually offer resistances, in example Merc treads, WoTA, Rylais, Death Cap. However keep in mind that he can counter build your team, lets say that you have an AP mid and top he might get a Abyssal sceptor. From this, we can safely assume that the majority of the time Rumble's only defence will be his health pool. This means that you can easily burst him down as long as you have the damage available. Shutting him down before his ultimate is fired off will give your team a great advantage; and even if he has already used the Equilizer, removing him will stop his constant slows.

Don't let him bully you out of lane

Rumble will easily poke you down, and if you are not prepared, send you back to base either dead or clinging onto a thread of life. This is contextual, but essentially bring some form of sustain. Life steal/spell vamp or even health regeneration items will help you stay in lane after being poked. Some champions can't itemize for these stats without sacrificing a better item, in this case just stock pile some health potions. The trade off for buying five health potions instead of losing CS/ EXP and Lane presence is more than worth it. Finally, if you are not winning trades against him don't trade. Just let him push up to your tower and safe farm. No point putting yourself in a situation where he can start to combo you if he walks out near full health and you are chunked heavily. 

Champion counters

Disclaimer: Rumble doesn't have someone who is a 100% counter, most of his counters are 'soft counters' and the lane phases can easily go one way or the other depending on the players. 



Lane phase

Yorick works so well against Rumble as he can not be bullied unless he doesn't conserve his mana. Your omen of famine will heal over any damage Rumble does to you with his poke and will punish him for trying to get so close to you. Farm up your Tear and from there it's a simple, smooth lane phase. Yorick is probably the only champion who has no issue against Rumble


Rumble should not be able to harass you in this lane phase. Every trade will come out in your favour unless you have no mana. Try your best to stay in lane untill you have enough for your tear of the godess so that mana is not an issue. You can also block Rumble's Electro Harpoons with your ghouls which means he will struggle to slow you. If he catches you out at level 6 he can potentially kill you so be careful of that.

Late game/Team fights

Your ghouls will help block Rumble from landing his electro harpoons. You will probably be busy protecting your carry more than focusing down Rumble. Denying him his amazing lane phase is where you have done your job. 


Get your typical Yorick items. Merc treads are a must if you did not buy them already. If you really need some more magic resistance consider picking up something like a banshees veil, but you probably will never need to itemize against Rumble.


Lane phase

Play the bully or be bullied. It's not as simple as that but generally that's how you have to play this lane or you will most likley lose. Your cull the meek will help heal you up if Rumble gets some harass on you. Build up your rage bar and damage Rumble often, care not to get kited. Abuse Renektons strong level 1-3 to beat Rumbles weaker level 1-3. Ideally you will make Rumble use all his health potions by level four, if this is the case you can now start to zone out Rumble and potentially push him out of lane.


You should win all the trades if you use your rage bar well. Don't let rumble harass you freely or else he will easily deny you CS and EXP. Having the higher level is quite key in this lane match-up too. If you are level three and Rumble is level two, just having all three of your skills will give you the easy win in the trade. Try to dodge his Electro Harpoons by slicing and dicing through him.

Late game/Team fights

Again, as Renekton you probably won't be prioritizing Rumble. You can use your Slice to quickly escape the Equalizer and use your stun to stop Rumble sticking to his target. 


Picking up some magic resistance is a good idea. Picking up Hexdrinker for the base stats and the passive will be great for your lane phase. If you ever run away with low health and rumble uses the Equalizer to try to finish you off the Hexdrinker passive is a life saver. Later on the Maw scales really well with Renektons passive.


Lane phase

Galio is usually seen in mid lane as he counters AP champions, so he equally deals well with Rumble. Stacking magic resistance will mean Rumble can not deal enough damage to force you back, furthermore you will gain a lot of damage with your ability power from your passive. Rumble relies a lot on movement speed, so landing a Resolute Smite will reduce Rumble's chasing power and slow his escapes. Bulwarking his flamespitter will help you absorb some of the damage too.


If Rumble lands a slow on you, just Resolute Smite him. You can presume that Rumble will run in almost a straight line at you in order to chain his second soft-CC from Electro Harpoon also his flame spitter requires his target to be infront of him.

Late game/Team fights

Late game care for when you use your Idol of Durand. Keep it in mind that if you use your ultimate as Rumble activates his flame spitter, or even worse Rumble uses his Equalizer onto Galio as he ultimates, your team are going to stack up. This could cause your team to be forced to walk into Rumble's Aoe's which can lose you the fight.


Just play Galio and you'll do great. Abyssal if great as Rumble wants to stand near you - but you probably already buy that - I hope... 


Next counter videos will be Jax -> Graves -> Malphite. I skipped Rumble in because he's styling in solo queue at the moment. Go bully the bully >:D

- Fourpaws. 

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Posted by HTTL on July 26, 2012
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