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[Counter Video] Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

Jax is a lategame monster. His kit allows him to out put a lot of damage through use of attack speed buffs and proc attacks. Whilst his ultimate and Counter Strike make him tanky denying foes the option of bursting him out of a teamfight.

Jax's strengths

Scales incredibly well into late game

Itemization defines Jax's late game. With core items such as Hextech Gunblade and Trinity force Jax gains not only huge amounts of damage, but also a good amount of sustain. A six-item Jax is one of the scariest foe's to face in the league - usually exhaust is the best way to deal with him. Also not to mention his free armour and magic resistance his ultimate grants him, on top of any defensive items which are also built on him, he will not go down without a fight. Finally, in context the Enemy AD carry will be the best target in late game teamfights as they will deal the most damage. Jax's Gunblades active + slows from Triforce + leap strike allow him to easily navigate his way towards them and they can not touch him whilst he uses his Counter Strike ability.

Destroys autoattack reliant champions.

I'll focus on Fiora as this is someone who Jax can lane against, however this applies to any AD reliant champion, Graves and Corki are two others in example. Jax has the only dodge mechanic in the game after Riot removed the masteries and runes for it. This means that he can basically stop you dealing damage to him. Fiora is an extreme case as if she uses her ultimate 'Blade Waltz' he can block the whole ultimate. Also after the Counter Strike is finished it will stun and deal a bit of damage to those around him allowing for him to counter initiate a fight.

Hard to deal with

A strong Jax is a force that has to be stopped. The best CC for him is Exhaust which you may not even have available with your team composition. A couple of hard-cc will also do the trick. In the situation you allow Jax to fight freely in a team fight or small skirmish you will probably lose, or be worse-off. His damage, sustain, tankyness and manoeuvrability is great and he will easily jump around a teamfight to his chosen target if you do not peel him!

Team Fighting

In a team fight Jax offers huge single-target damage whilst being tanky enough to take a few blows back.

  • DPS; with your empower and passive a chosen target will take a lot of damage unless you are CC'd.
  • Crowd Control; you have a small CC that can have a huge impact in a team fight if used to interupt the enemy casts.
  • Zoning; Leap Strike offers the ability to jump to any target, including wards which can close the gap in the lane phase.
  • Initiator; Grandmaster's Might offers you the defence you need to hop into a teamfight and survive the initial burst from the foe.

Hard to itemize against

The majority of Jax's damage out put will come from autotattacks while his burst comes from ability power damage. Typically the best way to counter jax is slow down his attack speed as he needs this to use his innate passive and ultimate passive. However to reduce his damage out put it's difficult to itemize well. Generic items like Guardians Angel are good as they grant both MR and armour, however this might not be applicable to your champion. Ideally the best kind of item to pick up against him is Frozen Heart, so if you can squeeze this into your build I would recommend to do so.

Champion counters



Lane phase

Your early levels will be the only time you might struggle in this matchup. Ensure that you do not run out of mana or take too much harass and it's relatively easy from then on. Your innate tankyness will help you opt for gold generating items such as Heart of Gold to be later built into a Randiuns Omen. Stay back and farm untill around level four - or after picking up a few items. At this point you should be able to win trades with ease.


Jax will look to leap strike to you and hit you with a couple of autoattacks and his Empower all the whilst using his Counter Strike. It's pretty simple, all you need to do is Ground Slam as soon as Jax jumps onto you and then return some damage. The attack speed debuff will cripple Jax and often ruin his damage output. You essentially remove his passive attack speed. Make sure to note that the more autoattack damage he takes whilst countering the more it hits after the spell finishes. 

Late game/Team fights

Jax will look to focus down a specific target on your team, usually the AD carry however in context another player on your team might be more of a threat. You can easily counter his initiation with malphites skillset and if shutting down Jax is essentially as he is destroying your team, Unstoppable force is easy to land when you know where he is jumping too.


A tanky Malphite will work wonders. Jax will struggle to even dint you whilst taking too much damage in return to make it worth his while. Item's like Frozen Heart are perfect, after this Omen and even Guardians Angel will be great.


Lane phase

There is some controversy over Singed countering Jax. You can lose this match up, but only if you don't understand Singed. Singed is weaker than Jax untill around level 3-4 onwards so it's best to simply play passive until this point. If you try to fight Jax at level 1 he can easily start with counter strike and win the trade. Play a typical Troll-Singed and you will be fine.


As Singed you have to encourage enemies to chase you so that they are under the effect of Poison Trail. Lucky for you Jax has to do this if he intends to harass you due to his lack of ranged attacks. IF you notice him Leap Striking too you, flick on the poison and walk away. After you pick up your Randuins he will struggle to stick onto you and take too much damage in return. Remember you can flip him instantly if he Leaps to you and then run in the other direction creating a big gap between the two of you. Finally, remember you will hardly autoattack as singed as your posion trail does the damage, so Jax's Counter Strike can not be used to it's full potential.

Late game/Team fights

Singed will often be running around in teamfights and flinging specific enemies into desired locations. You can choose to deny Jax his leap strike with a well timed fling, however Jax will most likely not be your priority as you can simply dart through the enemy bruiser lane and cause havoc amongst their squishy AD carry. 


Frozen heart flows very well with Singed's skillset as his passive generates him 25% of his mana as extra health. This means this item is optimal on singed, but should not be preferred. If you are losing your lane pick it up rather early, otherwise a typical AP/tanky Singed build should be suffice.


Lane phase

If you do not feel comfortable as Renekton this lane phase might be hell for you. The idea is that you win the early game hard, which Renekton can easily do. Jax will not usually start counter strike which is his best choice in this situation. If you notice him use Empower of Leap Strike at level one take advantage of your greater damage out put than his. He will scale a lot better into late game than you unless you deny him it.


If you know your damage output is higher than Jax's you should be able to win fights even with Counter strike there. Ideally you will try to bait him into burning his Counter Strike CD, which is quite long, and then initiate as he has no defensive cooldown other than Leap Striking away. Try to not let him stack up his passive, do your burst and leave as he will win an Autoattack fight; especially if he has his ultimate passive available.

Late game/Team fights

Renekton should be diving through the enemy team and abusing slice'n'dice, so Jax will probably not be your first target. In the case you are near the team-mate Jax wishes to kill you can easily use your Ruthless Predator to slow his pursuit. You won't match Jax's damage capability at this point unless you played it well in the earlier levels.


Renekton shouldn't itemize against Jax as you can not afford to opt for defensive stats or else you will drop off quicker than you should. The only item I would recommend is Guardians Angel, but build this later on in the game.


I will be covering Graves in the next video, so feel free to go give a look over his currently listed counters and share your opinions! Take care.

- Fourpaws. 

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Posted by HTTL on August 13, 2012
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