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The Night Hunter

Physical Damage

General counter information:

Build HPDeny FarmHard CCKnock BackOutsustain Try to kite and poke

Counter Items & Summoner Spells:

Health Points: 359 (+83 / per level) Health Regen: 4.5
Mana Points: 173 (+27 / per level) Mana Regen: 30
Damage: 50 (+3.25 / per level) Attack Speed: 0.658 (+3.1 / per level)
Attack Range: 550 Movement Speed: 300
Armor: 9.3 (+3.4 / per level) Magic Resistance: 30 (+0 / per level)
Influence Points (IP): 6300 Riot Points (RP): 975

Night Hunter


Vayne gains 30 flat movement speed when moving towards a nearby visible enemy champion.
Range: 2000



Active: Vayne quickly rolls toward the cursor and enhances her next autoattack within 6 seconds to deal a percentage of her attack damage as bonus physical damage. This enhanced attack will not proc against structures.
Cost: 30 mana
Range: 250

Cooldown: 6/5/4/3/2 seconds
Bonus Physical Damage: 30/35/40/45/50 % of attack damage

Silver Bolts


Passive: Vaynes consecutive attacks and spell hits on a target will mark them with a silver ring. The third consecutive attack or spell hits against the same target will consume the rings, dealing true damage plus a percentage of the targets maximum health as additional true damage. Damage against monsters is capped at 200. The rings on a target are lost after 3 seconds of not attacking them or upon attacking a different target.

Base True Damage: 20/30/40/50/60
Max Health to Damage Ratio: 4/5/6/7/8 %



Active: Vayne fires a huge bolt at her target, dealing physical damage and knocking them back. If they collide with terrain after being knocked back, they are dealt the same amount of physical damage again and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. This ability also applies one ring of Silver Bolts.
Cost: 90 mana
Range: 450
Maximum Knockback distance: 470 (estimate)

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
Physical Damage: 45/80/115/150/185 (+0.5 per bonus attack damage)
Total Physical Damage: 90/160/230/300/370 (+1 per bonus attack damage)

Final Hour


Active: Vayne increases her combat skills and improves her abilities for a few seconds. For the duration, Vayne is granted bonus attack damage and the bonus movement speed from Night Hunter is tripled. Additionally, she will stealth for 1 second after using Tumble.
Cooldown: 100/85/70 seconds
Cost: 80 mana

Duration: 8/10/12 seconds
Bonus Attack Damage: 25/40/55

Counter Tips

Having a pink ward or Oracle's Elixir when fighting a Vayne will deny her from going into stealth with her ultimate.
Try not to stay near walls, as Vayne's Condemn will stun you if it knocks you back against a wall.

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